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What's new? After a fantastic summer of dancing, things came to a SUDDEN HALT for us here at Desert Wind.  With a moment's notice, we were asked to remove all our belongings from our studio as renovations and stability work were required ASAP.  Those of you who know of our little studio in Chinatown will understand the pressing nature of this work.  You'll also understand the years of memories that were relocated. The good news is, the powers that be are working hard at stabilizing the Bow on Tong, and in the meantime, the Kung Fu group down the block from us has agreed to rent us their space.  We can dance, if we want to! This term, we are pleased to offer our first TEEN BELLY DANCE classes (I've put the details under Beginner ). 



Welcome to Desert Wind!
Desert Wind Belly Dance has been operating in Lethbridge for 9 years. We are a fusion troupe, which means we incorporate other styles of dance in to our choreographies and classes.  As the "fun" troupe in Lethbridge (yes, we are so-called), we are most interested in spreading the joy of dance to women of all ages, shapes and sizes in classes, and spreading that same joy (along with fiery energy and craziness) to audiences of all ages. "Spreading the Joy" is our motto, our slogan, our definition; we are so fortunate to be asked to share our wily passions with our community.


Jenn loves dancing.  It's pure and simple and it's her passion. 

However, she's also been told she has an extremely short attention span and dances (and lives) to a completely different beat than most.  Piece of candy! She loves hunting out new music and cutting/blendiing for shows, and putting on lots and lots of makeup.  Jenn will attempt any style, including Michael Jackson or Dolly Parton, if it suits the piece and the audience.

Some say they've been slapped by Jenn, but this is a fabrication and said people should be asked if they danced better afterwards.  POW POW POW!  Jenn smells the bwudd of Engrishmen and is usually wearing black.  She likes bubble gum and Chelsie.  And Moe.

Jenn's been dancing since she was a wee little one, and of all her classes jazz was her favorite.  Notice any jazz hands in our performances? 


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Danielle, aka Danolicious, shimmied right into Desert Wind 8 years ago when she took her first class with Chelsie.  Can you guess which class?  You got it!!  GYPSY!!  She hasn't stopped dancing ever since, thanks to all those "Joy Spreading" women!
Danielle has been known to dabble in a little bit of everything...from sewing, dancing, painting, social working, teaching, laughing, beautifying and more dancing.  Oh, and she secretly loves feet - don't tell anyone. At the moment Danielle is becoming a Master of one more thing but really...she's a master of none.  Watch out for her, you never know when she'll grace the stage with a sword dance or the creative master piece. Dano is MAMA # 2 for January 2012!


A Few of our Favorite Things...

Chinatown Lethbridge

This historical building is definetly one of our favorite things.   It's where our hearts have been and will stay.  Once the shock dissipated, we were stuck with wondering how to help get this building habitable and stabilized not only for us, but more importantly, for it's lone resident: Albert.  We love him to the moon! Did you know he was born there, and has never lived anywhere else? Enter the Lethbridge Historical Society, who approached us to discuss potential plans for the building and how we, as a troupe and as friends of ALbert's, can assist.  There is a lot of money that needs to be raised, and we have a lot of ideas! At times like these I am grateful we are such a passionate and enthusiastic, albeit weird, group.  We have a few fantastic events coming up (ok, two so far) this fall/winter, all proceeds going to getting Albert back in to his home.  Updates are posted regularly on https://www.facebook.com/groups/7993667909/.